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English 7 week 13

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Ngày gửi: 21h:27' 29-03-2018
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Week: 13 Date of preparing: 19/11/2017
Period: 37 Date of teaching: 21/11/2017

- By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
+ Make arrangements;
+ Make invitations and know how to accept or refuse the invitation;
+ Listen and practice the dialogue in correct intonation.
II. PREPARATION: Word cards, posters, pictures


1/ Warm – up: (7’)
Shark attack
- Give instructions and explaining the game.
+ The word has 6 letters
+ on that day, we can get up late and do something we
+ we don’t go to school on that day.
- Introduce the lesson.

- Take part in the game in groups.

- Listen.

2/ Presentation:
( Activity 1: (7’)
- Get Ss to listen the tape.
- Elicit the model sentences from Ss :
+ Nga wants to invite Lan to go to her house, what does Nga say ?
+ How does Lan answer ?
I. Structure:

Note : I’d ... = I would ...
* Đưa ra lời cảm ơn & Đáp lại
Thanks for inviting me. – It’s my pleasure.
Thanks anyway. - You’re welcome.

- Listen the tape.
- Answer and take note
+ Would you like to come to my house for lunch
+ Yes, I’d love to.

( Activity 2: (7’)
- Introduce new words.
II. New words:
( to ) join : tham gia
a wedding : đám

- Copy down.

3/ Practice: (15’)
- Have Ss listen to the tape twice, then practice in pairs in 5 minutes.
- Call some pairs to make the dialogue in front of class
- Use these word cards

S1: Would you like to join our English speaking club?
S2: Yes. I’d love to. What time?
S1: At two o’clock every Thursday.
S2: Where shall we meet?
S1: At the hall of our school.
S2: I’ll be there.
S1: OK. See you later.

- Listen then practice in pairs.

- Role play.

- Make the suggestions and answer in pair

4/ Production: (7’)
- Ask Ss to answer the questions.
1. Shall you go out tonight?
2. Do you like pop music?
3. Let’s go swimming!
4. Would you like to come my house tonight?
- Call some bad Ss to get feedback.

- Work individually.

- Feedback.

5/ Homework: (2’)
- Have ss:
+ Learn new words and structure by heart.
+ Do the exercises in Language focus 2.

- Write assignments.


Week: 13 Date of preparing: 10/11/2017
Period:38 Date of teaching: 13/11/2017

- By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to remember the use present progressive tense, adverbs of frequency and making suggestions.


1/ Warm – up: (5’)
- Ask Ss to match and write the correct subject names with the pictures in 5’.

- Correct.
- Lead to the lesson.

- Match and write individally.
I. Subjects:
a. Physical Education b. Math
c. English d. Chemist
e. Geography f. History

- Pay attention.
- Listen and write the lesson.

2/ Exercises:
( Exercise 1: (7’)
Present progressive tense
- Remind the form of the progressive tense

Adverbs : now, right now, at the moment
- Correct.
( Exercise 2: (7’)
This and that, these and those
- Ask Ss to remind when to use “this/ that/ these/ those”.
- Ask Ss to complete the dialogue.

( Exercise 3: (7’)
- Ask Ss to remind the way to tell the time.

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